Eat Like A Dinosaur: Recipe & Guidebook For Gluten-free Kids

57fd63085f596.jpg Author Elana Amsterdam and Paleo Parents
Isbn 9781936608874
File size 13.1 MB
Year 2012
Pages 288
Language English
File format EPUB, MOBI
Category Cookbooks

Book Description:

Cooking real food with and for your children is the most important thing you can do for your family's health and well-being. It can be overwhelming when thinking about where to begin, but with tasty kid-approved recipes, lunch boxes and projects that will steer your child toward meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats, Eat Like a Dinosaur will help you make this positive shift. Includes an illustrated children's story describing the paleo diet, and colorful, mouthwatering photographs of recipes without grains, dairy, soy and refined sugar.



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