Near Soliton Evolution for Equivariant Schrodinger Maps in Two Spatial Dimensions

The authors consider the Schrodinger Map equation in 2 1 dimensions, with values into S�. This admits a lowest energy steady state Q , namely the stereographic projection, which extends to a two dimensional family of steady states by scaling and rotation. The authors prove that Q is unstable in the energy space ?'. However, in the process of proving this they also show that within the equivariant class Q is stable in a stronger top...

Stochastic Flows in the Brownian Web and Net

It is known that certain one-dimensional nearest-neighbour random walks in i.i.d. random space-time environments have diffusive scaling limits. Here, in the continuum limit, the random environment is represented by a 'stochastic flow of kernels', which is a collection of random kernels that can be loosely interpreted as the transition probabilities of a Markov process in a random environment. The theory of stochastic flows of kernels...

Operator-Valued Measures, Dilations, and the Theory of Frames

The authors develop elements of a general dilation theory for operator-valued measures. Hilbert space operator-valued measures are closely related to bounded linear maps on abelian von Neumann algebras, and some of their results include new dilation results for bounded linear maps that are not necessarily completely bounded, and from domain algebras that are not necessarily abelian. In the non-cb case the dilation space often needs t...

Nonautonomous Dynamical Systems

The theory of nonautonomous dynamical systems in both of its formulations as processes and skew product flows is developed systematically in this book. The focus is on dissipative systems and nonautonomous attractors, in particular the recently introduced concept of pullback attractors. Linearization theory, invariant manifolds, Lyapunov functions, Morse decompositions and bifurcations for nonautonomous systems and set-valued general...

Steenrod Squares in Spectral Sequences

This book develops a general theory of Steenrod operations in spectral sequences. It gives special attention to the change-of-rings spectral sequence for the cohomology of an extension of Hopf algebras and to the Eilenberg-Moore spectral sequence for the cohomology of classifying spaces and homotopy orbit spaces. In treating the change-of-rings spectral sequence, the book develops from scratch the necessary properties of extensions o...

Analysis of the Hodge Laplacian on the Heisenberg Group

The authors consider the Hodge Laplacian DELTA on the Heisenberg group H n , endowed with a left-invariant and U(n) -invariant Riemannian metric. For 0<=k<=2n 1 , let DELTA k denote the Hodge Laplacian restricted to k -forms. In this paper they address three main, related questions:*(1) whether the L 2 and L p -Hodge decompositions, 1 , hold on H n;*(2) whether the Riesz transforms dDELTA -12 k are L p -bounded, for 1" ; *(3) h...

The Grothendieck Inequality Revisited

The classical Grothendieck inequality is viewed as a statement about representations of functions of two variables over discrete domains by integrals of two-fold products of functions of one variable. An analogous statement is proved, concerning continuous functions of two variables over general topological domains. The main result is the construction of a continuous map f from l2 (A) into L2 (O A, PA), where A is a set, OA = {-1,1}A...

Ricci Flow and Geometrization of 3-Manifolds

This book is based on lectures given at Stanford University in 2009. The purpose of the lectures and of the book is to give an introductory overview of how to use Ricci flow and Ricci flow with surgery to establish the Poincare Conjecture and the more general Geometrization Conjecture for 3-dimensional manifolds. Most of the material is geometric and analytic in nature; a crucial ingredient is understanding singularity development fo...

Modeling and Simulation in Medicine and the Life Sciences, Second Edition

The result of lectures given by the authors at New York University, the University of Utah, and Michigan State University, the material is written for students who have had only one term of calculus, but it contains material that can be used in modeling courses in applied mathematics at all levels through early graduate courses. Numerous exercises are given as well as solutions to selected exercises, so as to lead readers to discover...

The Ricci Flow: Techniques and Applications: Geometric Aspects

This book gives a presentation of topics in Hamilton's Ricci flow for graduate students and mathematicians interested in working in the subject. The authors have aimed at presenting technical material in a clear and detailed manner. In this volume, geometric aspects of the theory have been emphasized. The book presents the theory of Ricci solitons, Kähler-Ricci flow, compactness theorems, Perelman's entropy monotonicity and no local ...