Theory of Nonclassical States of Light

The term 'nonclassical states' refers to the quantum states that cannot be produced in the usual sources of light, such as lasers or lamps, rather than those requiring more sophisticated apparatus for their production. Theory of Non-classical States of Light describes the current status of the theory of nonclassical states of light including many new and important results as well as introductory material and the history of the subjec...

Philosophische Vorstellungen

Im Verlauf der vergangenen Jahrzehnte sind verschiedene Aufsätze Reschers in Deutsch erschienen, die in diesem Band zusammengefasst werden. Es handelt sich hauptsächlich um drei Themengebiete: Erkenntnistheorie, philosophische Anthropologie und Metaphilosophie. Das Buch stellt dem deutschen Leser einen wichtigen Teil von Reschers philosophischen Ideen zu Verfügung, obwohl die ethischen und historischen Arbeiten hier außer Acht gelass...

Shonishin: Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture

Shonishin: Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture addresses the emerging interest in safe, specialized, non-insertion acupuncture treatment options for infants and children. The only English language book available on the topic, it focuses on the most important feature in the treatment of children: patient-comfort. The author gives hands-on advice that can be easily integrated into clinical practice.   The text begins with an overview o...

Near Soliton Evolution for Equivariant Schrodinger Maps in Two Spatial Dimensions

The authors consider the Schrodinger Map equation in 2 1 dimensions, with values into S�. This admits a lowest energy steady state Q , namely the stereographic projection, which extends to a two dimensional family of steady states by scaling and rotation. The authors prove that Q is unstable in the energy space ?'. However, in the process of proving this they also show that within the equivariant class Q is stable in a stronger top...

Stochastic Flows in the Brownian Web and Net

It is known that certain one-dimensional nearest-neighbour random walks in i.i.d. random space-time environments have diffusive scaling limits. Here, in the continuum limit, the random environment is represented by a 'stochastic flow of kernels', which is a collection of random kernels that can be loosely interpreted as the transition probabilities of a Markov process in a random environment. The theory of stochastic flows of kernels...

Connected Services

"Connected Services is a must-read for telco strategists who need to get up to speed on how the world of software and the web 2. 0 works."  Andreas Constantinou, Research Director, VisionMobile "This book is a must read for those charged with leading innovation in a world of connected services where telco and Internet collide." - Jason Goecke, VP of Innovation, Voxeo Labs This book explains the common underlying technological themes ...

Writing and Querying MapReduce Views in CouchDB

If you want to use CouchDB to support real-world applications, you'll need to create MapReduce views that let you query this document-oriented database for meaningful data. With this short and concise ebook, you'll learn how to create a variety of MapReduce views to help you query and aggregate data in CouchDB’s large, distributed datasets. You'll get step-by-step instructions and lots of sample code to create and explore several Map...

The Bedford Triangle

The U.S. Army Air Force (USAAF), American Office of Strategic Services (OSS), and British Special Operations Executive (SOE) jointly played a crucial part in operations behind enemy lines in occupied Europe during World War II. Milton Ernest Hall, a country house in Bedfordshire and official UK headquarters of the U.S. Army Airforce Service Command, was located at the heart of a network of top secret Allied Radio and propaganda trans...

The Holocaust and Compensated Compliance in Italy

This book analyzes the role and function of an Italian deportation camp during and immediately after World War Two within the context of Italian, European, and Holocaust history. Drawing upon archival documents, trial proceedings, memoirs, and testimonies, Herr investigates the uses of Fossoli as an Italian prisoner-of-war camp for Allied soldiers captured in North Africa (1942-43), a Nazi deportation camp for Jews and political pris...

Máquinas Y Motores Térmicos. Introducción A Los Motores Alternativos Y A Las Turbomáquinas Térmicas

Máquinas y motores térmicos página legal índice prefacio bloque temático i motores de combustión (…) capítulo 1. generalidades de los motores (…) objetivos fundamentales del capítulo 1.1. componentes y procesos básicos de (…) 1.2. clasificación de los mcia 1.2.1. según el proceso de combustión 1.2.2. según el modo de realizar el ciclo 1.2.3. según el tipo de refrigeración 1.2.4. según la presión de admisión 1.2.5. s...