Living Shorelines: The Science and Management of Nature-Based Coastal Protection

Living Shorelines: The Science and Management of Nature-based Coastal Protection compiles, synthesizes and interprets the current state of the knowledge on the science and practice of nature-based shoreline protection. This book will serve as a valuable reference to guide scientists, students, managers, planners, regulators, environmental and engineering consultants, and others engaged in the design and implementation of living shore...

Evolutionsprozesse im Tierreich

Die Evolutionsbiologie ist ein zentrales Forschungsgebiet der Biologie. Sie beschäftigt sich mit Veränderungen in der Morphologie, der Physiologie und den Interaktionen von Organismen mit ihrer belebten und unbelebten Um­ welt. Die Evolutionslehre ist ursprünglich als eine biologische Theorie zur Erklärung der Abstammung verschiedener Organismen voneinander entstan­ den. Sie hat über die Erweiterung der biologischen Erkenntnis aber a...

Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia

One of the most trusted reference works ever published on the Cabala has been revised and expanded. Featuring a new and more usable format, this book is a complete guide to cabalistic magick and gematria in which every demon, angel, power and name of God ... every Sephirah, Path, and Plane of the Tree of Life ... and each attribute and association is fully described and cross-indexed by the Hebrew, English, and numerical forms. All e...

Theory and Method in the Study of Religion

Theory and Method are two words that cause considerable consternation in the academic study of religion. Although everyone claims to be aware of and to engage them, the fact of the matter is that they remain poorly understood. Some see the terms as irritants that get in the way of data interpretation and translation. Others may invoke them sporadically to appear in vogue but then return quickly and myopically to their material and wi...

Das Abenteuer der Selbstentdeckung

Immer mehr Menschen beginnen zu verstehen, daß die notwendige Veränderung und Heilung unserer Lebenswelt im Inneren eines jeden von uns beginnen muß. Diese Veränderung ist nicht leicht. Grof hat auf Grund jahrelanger Forschungen eine Methode entwickelt, durch die der Klient mit der Unterstützung des Therapeuten die traumatischen Erfahrungen wiedererleben und in sein bewußtsein integrieren kann. Diese Therapie hat sich zur Heilung von...

Disordered Thinking and the Rorschach

In Disordered Thinking and the Rorschach, James Kleiger provides a thoroughly up-to-date text that covers the entire range of clinical and diagnostic issues associated with the phenomenon of disordered thinking as revealed on the Rorschach. Kleiger guides the reader through the history of psychiatric and psychoanalytic conceptualizations of the nature and significance of different kinds of disordered thinking and their relevance to u...

Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology

Medical practitioners and the ordinary citizen are becoming more aware that we need to understand cultural variation in medical belief and practice. The more we know how health and disease are managed in different cultures, the more we can recognize what is "culture bound" in our own medical belief and practice. The Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology is unique because it is the first reference work to describe the cultural practice...

Trade Policy, Growth and Poverty in Asian Developing Countries

Asia constitutes a large portion of the world's population and this new book provides a good selection of contributions that cover trade, equity and development in the continent. With contributions from such leading experts as Clem Tisdell, T.N. Srinivasan and Gustav Ranis, the book's chapters cover countries from Pakistan and India to Korea and Indonesia. This book should be required reading for those interested in the economic grow...

Hadrons and Quark-Gluon Plasma

Before matter as we know it emerged, the universe was filled with the primordial state of hadronic matter called quark gluon plasma. This hot soup of quarks and gluon is effectively an inescapable consequence of our current knowledge about the fundamental hadronic interactions, quantum chromodynamics. This book covers the ongoing search to verify this prediction experimentally and discusses the physical properties of this novel form ...